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Haley Residential manages over $750 million in multi-family assets with over 11,000 apartment units and holds the Accredited Management Organization® (AMO®) credential from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), only given to those with the highest levels of performance, experience and financial stability. Haley Residential’s innovative thinking, entrepreneurial style, and customer service culture make it a nationally recognized leader in multi-family property management.

Construction Management

Haley Residential constantly works to maximize revenue at each community through cost effective, value-adding improvements and consistent, ongoing maintenance. The organization’s knowledge of the multi-family industry and construction experience give it the tools to properly assess and complete each project. All projects start with an in-depth market and financial analysis including: Market Demographics, Unit Mix Amenities, Energy Efficiency, Floor Plan Functionality, and Impact of Renovations on property cash flow. Haley Residential’s strong relationships with trusted lenders, contractors, and suppliers also provide value and perspective for cost effective renovation strategies.

Asset Management

Haley Residential has experienced support, property, and construction teams to provide comprehensive asset management services to its clients. These professional teams perform due diligence/asset valuations, disposition services and receivership services to best benefit the client.

Due Diligence/Asset Valuation

Haley Residential has refined and defined its due diligence process for more than 25 years with experience on hundreds of assets. These proven processes provide clients with the facts required to understand its assets and avoid costly overruns caused by unforeseen capital improvements. The team provides detailed reports including: Sales Comparables, Market Comparables and Demographics, Supply and Demand, Economic, Criminal, and Regional Market Factors, Lease Audit and Account Reconciliation, Capital Improvements, Building-by-building and Unit-by-Unit Inspections, Staffing Analysis, Expense Analysis and Evaluation, & One-, Five- and Ten-year Revenue Projections.

Disposition Services

Haley Residential Disposition Services assists clients in preparing for and managing its property dispositions to maximize an asset’s potential and establish fair market value. Navigating an asset and its staff through a disposition requires both detail and finesse. Haley Residential provides management and direction to avoid revenue loss, depreciation and excessive expenses. Haley Residential, support, and services teams work together to maintain the asset's positioning, retain current residents and stabilize staffing. In addition, Haley Residential provides tools to assist buyers with selecting brokers, timelines, on-site visits, third party reporting and negotiating the final sales contract.

Receivership Services

Haley Residential’s management services team brings vast experience in acquisitions and receiverships to increase value for the client. This team swiftly analyzes the asset to determine market value and operational demand. It then quickly develops a unique strategy to stabilize the asset and an exit strategy that will best benefit the client.