Internal Teams

Haley Residential is comprised of many internal teams that help us to execute our core values and foster strong relationships that create an environment where trust stimulates creativity and improves performance for all members of our team.

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Haley Residential’s accounting group of credentialed professionals is responsible for recording and reporting the transactions of the Haley affiliated business entities and for maintaining financial controls. The accounting team utilizes industry leading technology for online payments and electronic invoicing for the convenience of its residents and vendor partners. Additionally, they provide real-time operating information to the firm’s staff and generate periodic operating statements outlining the firm’s financial results, condition, and cash flows in a timely and accurate manner. Haley Residential’s accounting team believes in and exemplifies the highest standards of performance and integrity as they perform their critical functions.


Haley Residential relies on its budget, risk and financial team to measure property performance and forecast future cash flow. The team works closely with property tax consultants and insurance professionals to better understand each asset within its individual market, to effectively manage risk factors impacting the industry and to properly evaluate Ad Valorem tax assessments.The budget, risk and financial team pursues performance to bring efficiency and value to the portfolio and the company.


Haley Residential believes in the strength and value of its greatest resource: its employees. Human resources acts as an advocate for all employees and as a partner with Haley Residential hiring managers to best capitalize on the potential of and provide industry-surpassing benefits to the company. The human resources team lives the Haley Residential Core Values and works to maintain them with open communication, relationships of trust, and unwavering integrity.


Haley Residential understands technology brings efficiency and improvement with proper understanding and application. The information technology professionals work to increase efficiency and streamline processes while minimizing the risks and costs of new technology.The information technology team works to constantly grow and improve through the entrepreneurial spirit and proficiency of leading-edge technology.


Haley Residential relies on more than 4 decades of experience from the legal team. The Haley Residential attorneys manage negotiations of purchase and sale contracts, service contracts, loan agreements, and all other legal actions. The legal team has been trained in law, but also understand the business of the Haley Group of companies and Haley Residential. Haley Residential’s legal team maintains the highest standards of performance and integrity in their work both internally and with external legal and business partners.


Haley Residential relies on its credentialed operations team to effectively manage each community, maximizing revenue and controlling expenditures to create a constantly increasing cash flow. This cash flow, in turn improves both the assets' value and quality. The operations team focuses on improving living spaces beyond both yesterday's quality and today's competition. This team is responsible for the comfort of each of the more than 25,000 individuals who reside in its apartment homes each day and night. The operations team is dedicated to accountability and peak performance from trusted managers and employees.


Haley Residential’s revenue management team uses cutting-edge software and proprietary processing to forecast and oversee changes in leasing activity, occupancy exposure and rental rates. The revenue professionals understand the value of assets as revenue streams and work to provide the information that makes Haley Residential even more efficient and profitable. Haley Residential’s revenue management team understands the entrepreneurial spirit and continues to improve the processes that result in increased revenue streams.