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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Prevention and planning are key to protecting your home and family from a fire. Use the questions below to identify possible safety problems in your apartment/building. 


Safety Questions

Do you have at least one operable smoke alarm?
Do you have at least one operable carbon monoxide alarm?
Are all electrical cords in good condition? (not frayed or cracked)
Are all electrical cords in the open, not run under rugs or through doorways?
Is your apt free from storage of flammable products, such as gas or propane?
Are space heaters placed at least three feet from combustibles?
Are space heaters plugged into wall sockets and not into extension cords?
Is your apartment door fireproof and self-closing?
Is your fire escape window clear and unobstructed?
Can all windows be opened easily from the inside?
Are building stairways free of storage and rubbish?
 Are stairway fire doors fireproof and self-closing?
Are stairway fire doors kept closed?
Are exit lights in the stairway in good working order?
Do you have operable flashlights handy?
Do you have a fire escape plan?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, immediately correct these within your control or responsibility. Notify the community manager of all other issues.

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